In Case of an Accident

Helpful Tips In Case of an Accident
(Consejos Utiles en Caso de Accidente)

  • Stop and Identify Yourself    (Pare e identifiquese)
  • Call An Ambulance if anyone is Injured    (Llame a la ambulancia si hay heridos)
  • Call the Police or have a Police Report made    (Llame a la policia o haga un reporte se policial)

    Write an accident description using the following accident record keeper.
    (Tome datos del accidente segun la siguinte quia)

Accident Record Keeper
(Record de Accidente)

When did the accident happen?

Date – Fecha _________________________
Time – Hora _________________________

Where did it happen? (local?)

Street(s) – Calle(s) _________________________
City – Ciudad   ____________________________

Was there a witness? (Testigos?)

Name – Nombre ____________________________
Address – La direcion _________________________

Was there a Police Report taken? (Reporte de Policia)

Department – Departmento _________________________
Report # – Reporte _________________________

The Other Party (La otra persona)

Name – Nombre _________________________
Address – Direcion _________________________
Phone # – Telefono _________________________
DL # – Licencia _________________________
DOB – Fecha de Nac. _________________________
Registered owner of vehicle: – Dueno del vehiculo _________________________
Insurance Company: – Compania de Seguro _________________________
Policy Number: – Numero de Policia _________________________

The Other Auto – El otra vehiculo

License #: – Licencia _________________________
State – Estado _________________________
Year – Ano _________________________
Make/Model – Modelo _________________________
Color – Color _________________________

Call Us and we will report your accident to your insurance company.
(Llamenos y reportaremos su accidente a su compania de seguros mientras que ud descanse)
We will assist you in getting a replacement car promptly.
(Le asistiremos para que ud. Obtenga un auto de alquiler lo mas pronto posible)
We will deal with the insurance company for you from start to finish & repair your vehicle.
(Trataremos con su compania de seguro de principio a fin y le reparemos su automovil)
We take the Red Tape out of Auto Accidents.
(Eliminamos los dolores de cabeza en el trato con su compania de seguro)